Massacres in Ivoiry Coast : Who mocks the UN ?

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The UN in his recent statements will be neutral and arbitrage in the balance of the macabre post-election crisis in Côte d'Ivoire as it is directly involved, even accused by some international law of man.


Indeed, the UN should respond to Amnesty International charges against him on his passivity and complicity in the massacres in Côte d'Ivoire. In which case, the UN must assume the crimes committed by rebels Ouattara, these mercenaries and militias it has maintained, equipped and supported ferried to overthrow President Gbagbo from power.


In view of the events which occurred in Côte d'Ivoire, one can easily say that the UN had a mission other than peacekeeping and the protection of civilians. It was rather a mission of support and protection with 900 UN soldiers Ouattara (Mr. Choi said at the time since Dakar and before the bombing: "The protection of Alassane Ouattara at the Hotel du Golf is our priority "). The UN also had a wartime mission. With the purchase of 2 helicopters and war Mi24 Loudes weapons, the UN had bombed the camps and positions of the Ivorian regular army and to facilitate sovereign decision of the country by FRCI Ouattara. These bombing have also been many deaths in the civilian population and thousands of damage. The UN had bought a lot of weapons. We remember the hundreds of containers loaded with weapons of war to the UN, seized the port of Douala in the Cameroon authorities, then forwarded in the Ivory Coast. These weapons were used by the UN troops and mercenaries in the pay of Ouattara. The UN has fought openly with the French forces alongside men Ouattara (FRCI) and this through a media reputation in the world to indicate that it would introduce the démocraitie. Was it his role?


Today, the UN organizes training seminars against FRCI Ouattara on management and human behavior to the peaceful population. This proves that the UN knows it has to be pertinant to the wild and bloodthirsty. Note that most of Alassane FRCI are illiterate.


Fort of the foregoing, the UN can not be neutral nor referee. It can not be given credibility to his post-election surveys in Côte d'Ivoire. Because his responsibility is very involved in the massacres and atrocities in that country.


The UN has been severely discredited. And the most glaring is its set of calculation on the number of victims in this crisis. Starting with 300 then 500 dead at first, she now speaks 1012 dead after criticism and revelations of Amnesty and the ICRC. But worse, the UN has made racial categorization, ethnic and political corpses of his 1012. As to mitigate or minimize the crimes committed by soldiers of Ouattara. UNBELIEVABLE!Fortunately, the reality is quite different, the truth speaks for itself today. Too many deaths and too many massacres committed by FRCI Ouattara on poor populations. This continues elsewhere.


This has probably led the UN to adopt a new strategy: acknowledge both camps (pro and militiamen Fds Gbagbo and Ouattara FRCI) abuses. Play the good referee. But this is not new, the UN had already said or done after the investigation "phony" post-election giving the 500 dead. But the novelty of this strategy is the tendency of the UN to take the front of things now, to move his "ass" by visiting the victims and prisoners, make summary statements and accuse directly Alassane Ouattara.


In reality, the UN is aware that she is confused and guilty of a serious matter that could lead her to shed 31 December at the next election of the Secretary General. And like the UN, Western countries are aware that the ship could run with UN against them because of their actions mafia.


The UN has decided to change tack probably because of the existence of evidence against her. In particular, the use and upkeep the mercenary troops of war in its mission of maintaining peace (which are really war missions of interest and installation missions on behalf of presidents of Western countries like that been the case in IC). The UN did a volte-face to flush his accomplices yesterday and also do casting MAy silencing witnesses and any evidence against it and its leaders. This "Manchin" is really a danger to the developing countries and good for rich countries.


But the UN is not eternal, Ban Ki-Moon, either. Yesterday was the result of a war that the League (League) was dissolved to make way for the UN. But the same practices that have lost the League continue in another form. Some powers diligentent conflict in poor countries for their interests against the interests of some other competing powers.


The overhaul of the UN is more urgent and necessary than ever today in a responsible and equal discussion. Risk, as yesterday with the League, to witness the demise of the UN from a general war between the powers of interest, or by the revolt of the poor countries (their people) long tortured and exploited, by them with the help of the UN.


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